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Cross Selling Training Grips Gymnastics Very popular Keep Hands Free Your from

Cross Training Grips Gymnastics Grips Keep Your Hands Free from


Cross Training Grips Gymnastics Grips Keep Your Hands Free from


Product Description

Cross Training Grips Gymnastics Grips Keep Your Hands Free From Blisters amp; Callouses Pullups Weight Lifting Chin Ups

LEATHER CROSS TRAINING GRIPS! Grip Power Pads PATENT PENDING Cross Training Grips keep your hands free from blisters and callouses during the toughest workouts!

AVAILABLE IN TWO OR THREE FINGER HOLE OPTIONS. No matter which finger hole option you choose, your hands will be totally protected while you do pull ups, kettlebells, power lifts, dead lifts, gymnastics and more. These Cross Training Grips are perfect for all types of bar exercises.

ENHANCED COMFORT WITH BUILT-IN WRIST SUPPORT. Our Cross Training Grips seamlessly take the place of lifting straps, gloves, wrist supports and hooks, allowing the weight you’re lifting to rest on the base of your hand – not on your wrist. Because they’re thicker and more flexible than lifting straps, they provide maximum wrist stability.

SAY GOODBYE TO CHEAP LEATHER GYM PRODUCTS! Made with genuine leather, our Grip Power Pads Cross Training Grips are ultra-durable. Choose from our premium Nubuck or premium Sway leather versions.

AVAILABLE IN 5 DIFFERENT SIZES! We designed our Cross Training Grips for all hand sizes – whether you’re an extra-small, small, medium, large or extra-large.

Protect your fingers, hands and wrists with the best cross training grips on the market!
“Save my hands!” How many times have you stood at the bar thinking this, when you should have been focusing on your workout instead? We feel your pain… literally. Gripping the bar is the very first step to any weight lifting workout. If you don’t have a good grip, it’s not only distracting, but it hurts! Worst of all, it prevents you from achieving your workout goals. A workout isn’t successful when your grip gives out before your biceps do. The solution to this problem is simple: Grip Power Pads Cross Training Grips!

Ready to say goodbye to hand and wrist injuries for good?
When most people begin fitness routines, the last thing they think about is their grip. If you’re like the majority of gymgoers, you’re focused on ripped biceps and triceps… not the thirty-five super small gripping muscles in your fingers, hands and wrists. These muscles are not only among your body’s tiniest, but they’re also some of your most used muscles. Think about it. In the last day, how many times have you turned a doorknob, picked up a glass, typed on a computer or pressed a button on your remote to change a TV station? With the exception of when you’re sleeping, your grip muscles are almost always being used. They should be so strong, right?
Wrong. Because they’re so tiny, they’re usually the weakest muscles on most people. This means that it’s easy for them to become injured. You could spend lots of time working on your grip strength, but if you’re already feeling pain at the bar, this isn’t a good idea. And if you’re in the gym trying to build muscle, do you really want to spend precious time working on your grip? The solution, again, is simple: cross training grips.

Cross training grips are a much better choice than conventional straps and gloves.
It’s no secret: Conventional straps are really, really bad for your wrists. They put pressure on your wrists which can lead to nerve damage, carpel tunnel issues and vestibular damage. On the other hand, cross training grips protect you by allowing the weight you’re lifting to rest on the base of your hand, not on your wrist. Whether you’re doing pull-ups, rope climbs or bar work, cross training grips improve your arm training exercises by giving you grip assistance and incredible wrist support. In addition, they protect your fingers and hands from calluses, blisters and other injuries.

When it comes to your fitness routine, you want the best!
Ergonomically engineered with safety in mind, our cross training grips provide a truly comfortable fit. Why not try a pair today?



  • Read all instructions provided with these grips.
  • Ensure that you have the proper size grips for your hands.
  • Wash your hands before putting grips on.
  • If grips show any signs of tearing or weakness after the first few months of use, replace them immediately.
  • Cut or pull on the finger holes.
  • Use a wire brush to clean them.
  • Write on grips or use chalk on them without making sure you have the correct size.



Please note that the finger holes on your grips are made small. They will enlarge slightly with use. You can also enlarge the holes yourself by softening the leather first. You can do this by rolling it back and forth with your hands. Then, carefully use a blunt tool or a pencil that is wrapped in fine sandpaper. Only work on the lower parts of the holes, and not the top parts. It is important to remember that you should NEVER cut, pull or try to stretch the holes any other way. This will cause ripping.

What sizes are Grip Power Pads Cross Training Grips available in?
We designed our cross training grips for all hand sizes. They come in:

  • extra-small
  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • extra-large
Who can use Grip Power Pads Cross Training Grips?
Anyone can use our cross training grips. They’re especially great for:
  • Men
  • Women
  • Beginners
  • Athletes
  • Trainers
What type of workouts can you do with these grips?
Our high-quality grips can be used for any type of workout that involves a barbell, pull up bar, kettlebell or gymnastics ring.


One of the best ways to break in your grips is by doing basic swing work (if you’re a gymnast) or basic lifting (if you are using the grips in the gym).

Avoid using these grips for complete gymnastics routines or gym workouts until they are completely broken in. Once they are broken in, you will experience having a maximum grip.
If you are ordering a new pair of grips to replace worn grips, it’s a good idea to do so before the worn pair needs to be discarded.
Once your grips are broken in, they will be formed specifically to your hands. NEVER allow anyone else to use your grips.

Before using these grips, ensure that you have the correct size. To check this, secure the grip around your wrist without putting your fingers in the holes. Fully extend your hand. If the grip covers everything except the tips of your three middle fingers, it is the right fit for you.

Please note that you should NEVER cut the finger holes to make them larger. They are sized small, but will stretch with use.
In addition, the more you weigh and the higher skill level you have, the more the grip will stretch. If these factors change the size of your grip, you should choose a grip that is smaller or made with heavier leather.

DO NOT use water or any kind of liquid to clean the leather. This can lead to stretching or rotting, which in turn leads to tearing.

DO NOT wear grips that are too long for you. This can result in serious injury.

Only use these grips as they were intended to be used. Do not alter grips in any way, as this can cause injury. If unsure of how to properly use this equipment, seek the advice of a trained specialist. Know the limitations of this equipment as well as your own limitations before using. Inspect these grips before use and test that they are secure. Failure to do so may result in serious injury.

What type of company is Grip Power Pads?
Here at Grip Power Pads, we’re not just a product. We’re real people who want to see you increase your performance at the gym without causing pain or damage to your body. Why do we care so much? Let’s just say that we’ve been in your gym shoes. We’ve had callused palms, blistered fingers and sore wrists after working out. We’ve felt the frustration of being in a great routine and being forced to stop because we injured ourselves. So in 2009 we finally said, “Enough is enough!” That year, we set out on a journey to fix all of these problems for weightlifters worldwide. Today our fitness products include everything from lifting hooks and lifting grips to weight lifting belts, wrist wraps, gym bags and more.

Cross Training Grips Gymnastics Grips Keep Your Hands Free from

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